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iPad - Tunes in your car


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Jul 9, 2010
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Hi, I have had my iPad since around father's day, since it was well ... a father's day gift from my kids(aka my wife). I have the WIFI 32GB version.

I have a sony MP3 player deck in my car with an RCA input jack for AUX audio. Fortunately mounting my iPad in my car is really easy because it happens to fit perfectly in my cup holder area on a good angle.

My issue is not with the MOUNTING but with the ipod app to play music.

Does anyone know of a good application to use to play tunes in your car? the iPod app is not driver friendly. I am not even sure if apple would permit some kind of iPod app competition in the apple store.

The only app I found is the ScrollSong app that allows simple touch commands to navigate, but I personally HATE the scrolling white text across my iPad. Which is the primary point of the app.



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