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iPad + AirStash = Very Cool!

Now that is a must have accessory! Thanks for sharing this sweet little gizmo :)
I just ordered it. Supposed to ship by 4/30 so I'll let you guys know if the claims are real. The fact that I can use it with my phone, laptop and the ipad is very convenient. Now I have to wait for "Late April" for something else.
The only negative I see is that it looks like you will have to disconnect from your internet source WiFi to connect to this.

I know!!

Verizon (and Sprint) need to make a new version of the MiFi that has an SD card slot in it!!
Just ordered one and once it comes in I will do a full review.
Yip, please give opinion on how your finding it. :)

I'm going to link this thread in the Gen discussion thread for military ipad users because this seems like an ideal bit of kit.

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