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iPad Air 5 strange screen behaviour - require some for tech repairer advice please


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Mar 27, 2024
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Hi All,
I have an iPad Air 5 that has been sent to me for further investigation, and hopefully someone can help me.

The customer states
Original issue:
It would not turn on, so they took it to some previous third party repair shop.

Customer was not provided with a Repair Report either, so has no idea what work was carried out.

My inspection:
The repairer, did a really bad job even though they got it to power up again. They reinstalled the screen with glue and left some all around the edges as well as some still over the screen itself. Think it might be have been that E6000/B7000 or alike.

Goodness knows where else the glue went, but I do not like to use glue due to the delicate digitizer and components.

Latest issue (reason I have it in for repair)
Customer uses the iPad for Art and Graphics purposes, and now when they try and draw a straight line, the line is jagged, plus when applying light pressure to the screen in places, the liquid crystals move causing the ghosting effect.

My Task -work duty
Customer is on a very tight budget since paying a huge amount with previous repairer, who has disregarded the customers issue, and advised that they will charge further for any other repairs.

I would like to (prior to the screen removal) first identify, if a new screen was previously replaced, as well as the battery and or other OEM components.

My Questions:
1) which Software / Hardware is available for me to retrieve these results
2) should it be necessary to replace this screen or is this redeemable, if I mange to clean up all previous glue etc.

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