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iPad Air 2 not showing my books, they literally disappeared!!


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Oct 27, 2015
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Hong Kong
So I had an older iPad Mini that I synced with my iMac. No big deal, I had had some ePub books that were synced over on my iPad Mini and I could see them in iBooks. This weekend I upgraded to an iPad Air 2 and did a restore from my iTunes. Most everything came across and it works quite well...except my books did not.

Weird. So I went into iTunes, dragged the lot of my books over and synced. I look on iTunes and my new iPad is showing them (when I look in iTunes), but they're not showing on the device itself in iBooks. Remove them and sync again. This time I have iBooks open on my new iPad Air 2. As each book syncs, I can see each of them populate into iBooks for just a moment and IMMEDIATELY they disappear from iBooks. I check my iTunes and it tells me my books are on my iPad. I just can't see them.

The books are ePub, and are showing correctly (with icon) in my library on my iTunes. In my iTunes, it also shows correctly (with the right icons) on my iPad. But they are nowhere to be found in iBooks actually on my new iPad Air 2.

However they are showing in iBooks on my old iPad Mini. Both iPads are currently up to date with the current version of iOS (iOS 9.1).

Okay, I figured it out. I couldn't find a single thread online describing this problem, so I started checking what was different between my books that were syncing and my books that were not. I finally discovered that, in iTunes, under "get info", the far-right tab had the option for artwork for my books. I'd just assumed that since they synced before to the other iPad successfully (and because the artwork was clearly visible even before I clicked on "get info") that it was fine. But it wasn't. So I re-added the jpgs for each of my books under the artwork tab. Saved it. Re-synced. It worked!

It's too late to try now, but I wonder if they would have shown up in the list view (as opposed to the shelf view). You use the icon at the top left to switch between; some squares to shift of shelf view, some lines for the list view.

Shelf view only shows the book's cover. It is supposed to show a default cover for books that have no artwork, but that could fail, or if the app got what it thought was essentially an empty jpg, it might do this.

List view shows a smaller bit of artwork, and then the book's title or file name. I'm wondering if list view would have show the text, but not the cover.

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