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iPad activation lock


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Oct 18, 2016
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Hey need help!

My mum bought an iPad from internet and when it was delivered we found out that the activation lock is on. But the Pad didn't have a password so we we're able to sign in with a own apple id. Is't possible to remove the activation lock when my mum is logged? Can we use the iPad normally even though the lock is on?
Sounds like it. It's usual for an iPad that is iCloud locked not to have a password, but possible, I guess.

You won't be able to use Find My iPhone or be able to restore it. For that, you would need the password of the AppleID used to lock it.
Sounds like you are going to be able to use most of the functions, but not all of them.
Okay, thanks mate!

The pad will mostly be for homeuse so it's okay! How about the fact that, doe's the person who activated the lock have any access to the iPad or for example can he see where the iPad is if my mum has turned Find my Ipad off?
You can't turn off Find My iPad. Only the person who locked it can do that, so yes, the person who set it up can see where the iPad is whenever it is online.

As far as accessing data is concerned, I doubt that will be a problem. What would concern me is that it could be remote locked or wiped. My advice is to get in touch with the person who you bought it from and ask them to remove the lock. They can do that remotely using iCloud.com from any computer.

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