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iPad 5th Generation Touch ID Issue!


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Sep 25, 2015
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Hi All!
I did not see a forum for iPad 5th Generation, so I post here, I hope that’s OK!

My issue with Touch ID is:

- When I bought the machine, I set a Passcode only; I did not enable Touch ID. Now, I want to use Touch ID- I think it’s more secure.

- Now, I have enabled Touch ID, I added 2 fingerprints.

- But, when I restart my machine, the Lock Screen says, “Touch ID requires your Passcode when iPad restarts.”

- So, I enter the Passcode, and I access my machine. No Touch ID is used to do this. I don’t want to use my Passcode, I want to use Touch ID only.

- I went to Settings->Touch ID & Passcode. There, the only viable option I could see was ‘Turn Passcode Off.’ So, I did that. Then, a pop-up appeared that said, ‘Delete Saved Fingerprints?’ I chose ‘Keep,’ and next, another pop-up appeared saying, ‘Set Passcode.’ I did that, I had to, and when I restarted my machine 5 or 10 minutes later, I’m back to “Touch ID requires your Passcode when iPad restarts.“

- Can anybody *please* tell me how to use Touch ID instead of a Passcode when the Lock Screen appears? Thanks!

- Just in passing, I was prompted to use Touch ID when downloading an app from the App Store. It works fine.

Thanks for reading!
I believe it is a security feature, and no way to use Touch ID only.
You will also find that you must enter you passcode if you have not used the device for 8 (?) hours.
Touch ID cannot be set up and used without a password. Your password is required every few days even if you access your device multiple times a day. You also have to enter your password if you want to add or change your designated fingerprints. The same rules also apply to the newer Face ID system.

here are the Apple procedures for setting up and using Touch ID. Use Touch ID on iPhone and iPad
BikeFlagAZ and scifan57, thank you both for taking time for me!

BikeFlagAZ, please notice I’ve said in my OP that my machine’s Touch ID, although enabled, has *no purpose* in unlocking my iPad when it restarts. Touch ID is not adding security to my machine. I believe it should be doing that. Also, just in passing, I read (Apple Support article) that Touch ID may not work *if* you have just restarted your iPad, but it didn’t mention about having to use a passcode if you haven’t used the iPad for a long time, as you posted. I’ll take your word for it, though. Even Apple makes errors and omissions!

Hi scifan, glad to see you’re still here, doing good things for people who need help! May I say- Yes, I know a passcode (I believe that’s what you mean, rather than password, to be clear) is required to set up and use Touch ID. And I do have a passcode, but *never once* have I been able to use Touch ID with my Lock Screen. So, it’s purpose in adding security seems defeated in my particular case. And, thanks for the link you included in your post, I’ve downloaded it, I think I’ve seen it before, but I’ll look into it again!

Thank you both again!
You should not think of Touch ID (or Face ID) as adding security. Rather, they are features that add convenience without severely compromising security. There are scenarios where Touch and Face ID might be considered less secure, since you can be more easily forced or tricked into touching or looking at your device than revealing your password. At least in theory.

A properly composed and managed password is more secure than biometrics in almost all situations. Just less convenient. I also consider the use of Touch and Face ID as encouragement to have a proper password of reasonable length. Since I don’t have to enter it every time I use a device, I don’t mind it being a bit longer to type in. No more four and six digit passcodes for me.

At any rate, you need a password even if Touch ID never asked again. Otherwise, what would you do if your Touch ID button failed, or a slew of other issues came up that prevented using Touch ID (like an injured hand)?

I try to think of the iPad’s occasional prompting for a password as a feature that keeps me from forgetting my password.

Trivia: While laws against self incrimination prohibit law officials from forcing you to reveal a password, some states do not consider forcing a suspect to unlock their devices with a finger or face as illegal. Has to do with the wording of the laws, that never considered any way to self incriminate other than written or spoken confessions. Another example of laws lagging technology.
A properly composed and managed password is more secure than biometrics in almost all situations.

Thanks, tweeppoet for your post. Although your belief is, IMHO, arguable, I’ll take your word for it.

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