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IPAD 2021 9th Gen versus iPAD Mini 6 for Internet, YouTube and Books?


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Dec 25, 2016
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Wanted to replace iPAD Mini 2 with iPAD Mini 5 ($515 in my country) for mom due to its size mainly.
Was told by local folk it is better to get recent iPAD Mini 6 ($610).
Asked mom if she will be okay with iPAD 2021 9th generation ($400) and screen size difference of 7.9" vs 10.2"
She said she is okay with that so I am thinking about getting iPAD 2021 due to price difference mostly plus hardware
seems good for tasks like book reading, YouTube, social media and internet browsing.

If screen size is the only issue and there is nothing else to gain by buying iPAD Mini 6 then why should I not choose
iPAD 2021 9th gen over it? I heard recently its users experiencing autonomous page flipping issue and say it should be
fixed in next iOS update. But maybe it is only the case with tablet model in my country? Does it happen with iPAD Mini 6?

I have the iPad mini 2 and just got the 9th generation iPad for my birthday and the difference is huge. the 9th generation is a lot bigger, and the screen seems better.

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