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iPad 2 music playlist question


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Dec 17, 2011
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I apologize if this has been dealt with elsewhere. I searched and didn't see it anywhere else.

I sync my iPad with iTunes on my computer, so it ends up with all the same music. But when I'm using my iPad, I can't get onto iTunes unless there's an internet connection. (Right? Is that normal? Seems silly to me, if I only want to use it to play my music and not to shop.) So I end up just clicking on the "Music" app that's automatically on the iPad, and play my music from there. It has all the same music, but my custom playlists get rearranged with the songs out of order. (Though it plays normal albums in the right order.)

Am I doing something really stupid? Because it certainly seems like one of Apple's own products with a built-in music app should be able to play an iTunes playlist correctly. My ancient iPod certainly plays playlists in the correct order.
First of all, the itunes app is only a frontend to the store, as youhave discovered the music app is where you go for your synced music (videos app for your synced videos). Its a common mistake.

As to your playlists being mixed up, I think its a known problem. Since iOS5 with the ipod app being replaced by the music app its become a horrible inteface, with not as much control as you used to have.
Oh ok. That's so weird that the playlists would get jumbled up.


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