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IPad 2 as a modem.


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Feb 9, 2012
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Hi guys, does anyone know if you can use the iPad2 as a modem? I can use my iPhone 4 as a modem for internet on my laptop by setting personal hotspot, but i dont see anything on the iPad to do the same.

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Jenningsville said:
Jailbreak and install MyWi from Cydia...

Is jailbreak safe to do? My son jail broke his iPhone 4 had nothing but problems after.

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Jailbreaking is quite safe, especially if you follow the excellent guides and tutorials of the hacking section here.

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Hi, yes jailbreak is very save. If you follow the steps given EXACTLY as they put them then you will be save. I cannot immagine an iDevice without jailbreak. Is like drinking coffee without the caffiene.

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