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iPad 2 + aluminum keyboard case = MacBook Air look-alike


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Jan 17, 2010
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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4KVbqx87dY&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - ‪Keyboard Case for iPad 2‬‏[/ame]

One of the most useful attachments for the iPad is of course a keyboard. Turning your tablet into a full display screen and using the attached keyboard to type makes for a more productive tool.

Some might say that using a keyboard defeats the whole purpose of an iPad, which is meant to be mobile and easy to carry around. To each his own, of course, while remembering that using any attachment is optional and subject to personal preference.
Ney-Sayers may however change their mind when they have a look at the new iPad 2 aluminum keyboard case developed by MIC.

The slim casing and closely polished aluminum make for a great looking iPad holder.
Simply fit you tablet inside the case and you get a MacBook look-alike, for something like $20 - $50 less than the Apple wireless keyboard and 50% less than the price of a ZaggMate keyboard case.

Apart from the great price, the MIC case has other advantages, such as leaving more of the screen visible. It also sets the iPad at the perfect viewing angle.

So if you are willing to sacrifice some of the iPad’s portability and instead gain a certain degree of productivity and of course great looks for your tablet-keyboard case dongle, then this might just be the perfect choice.

By Radu Tyrsina
Source: gottabemobile
TheRambler said:
Just ordered one, let's hope it doesn't take toooooo long to arrive!!

Looking forward to hearing your impressions...
I hope the keyboard isn't too small.

That's an inherent problem with products like this one and its competitors (e.g. the Zaggmate/Logitech.) By combining a case just wide enough to accommodate the iPad (in landscape), the width available for the keyboard is limited.

For example, the Apple Wireless Keyboard nearly two inches wider than the iPad 2. That's a significant amount when you're talking about a keyboard that is only a bit more than 12 inches wide. If I imagine trying to squeeze the keys of the Apple keyboard to the width of the iPad, the keys have to be considerably smaller and the space between them significantly less.

Take a look at the various photos and videos for keyboard/iPad case combos. You'll notice that they tend to show women or young consumers with fairly small hands. If you have large hands or are used to a full size keyboard (or even a keyboard on a laptop) you may find keyboards like these very cramped.

Just a word to the wise.
This little thing looks awesome! I cant wait to pick mine up, especially at $40 or so. I love the MacBook Air style of it, it just looks so convenient for the train and what not.

On the other hand, I think that I would fall apart to easy, I would be worried about my iPad falling off of this.

Awesome case though!!

@TheRambler - I will look forward to hearing your impressions about this awesome piece of kit.
I wonder what the keys will feel like when typing. If it has the same feeling as the Apple BT Keyboard than i might pick this up. Please keep me posted on your results.
Crappers. Yet another thing to add to my "I Want" list. I swear it grows daily.

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