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Apple has Paid out $2 Billion to Devs in Q1 2014, $10 Billion for the Entire 2013


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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Yesterday, we have shared with you Apple’s financial results for the holiday quarter that has ended on December 28. Besides revealing the usual sales numbers, we found out some other things, such as the fact that iOS 7 is running on 80% of compatible iPhones and iPads, and that Tim Cook himself admitted that iPhone 5c’s market share is lower than expected. Another interesting information that Apple shared is the fact that they paid out to iOS developers a whopping two billion dollars in Q1 2014 alone.

The $2 billion number is, of course, another record number and it’s almost four times than what Apple paid developers during the same period last year. And if we corroborate this information with a previous report which was showing that iOS is the leader in mobile advertising revenue, generating 55.70 percent of it, we can see that iOS is enjoying a continuous success.

Developer revenue is increasing at a very rapid pace, as Apple paid out $10 billion in 2013 and it’s definitely going to beat this number in 2014. As it seems, 92 percent of the revenue coming from iOS apps is thanks to in-app purchases, compared to just 4 percent from paid apps and another 4 percent from paid apps with in-app purchases. How many apps have you bought this year?

Source: iPhoneforums

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