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Apple Rakes in 84 Percent of Mobile Gaming Revenue


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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VentureBeat reports today on a new survey from Newzoo, which polled 17,000 people as well as looking at revenue data from the top 200 games in the iOS and Android marketplaces, and found that mobile gaming in the US has grown to 101 million players across all platforms, up from 75 million players. The figure is then broken down further to reveal 69% of those users are on smartphones, and 21% on tablets. Newzoo’s fitures also show that more people are also now prepared to pay for games, with 37 million players now paying to play, up 35% from previous figures, and with these paying players forking over five times as much money in iOS games than in Android games. Newzoo’s chief executive Peter Warman says that this is probably because it is so easy to buy iOS games, with the user only having to enter their password once they’ve set up an Apple ID. Newzoo also found that 91% of mobile gaming revenue comes from in-app purchases, for both iOS and Android.

Source: Apple dominating Android with 84 percent of mobile gaming revenue | VentureBeat

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