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iOS 11.3 restarts?


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Sep 18, 2014
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West Hertfordshire, UK
Since updating my iPad Air2 to iOS 11.3 it’s restarted itself twice for no apparent reason. It’s never done this before.
Is anyone else experiencing spurious restart under iOS 11.3?

I don’t have this problem on my iDevices, and it’s not a known issue, afaik.

Try force starting your iPad: press and hold Home and Power button simultaneously, until the Apple logo appears. As soon as you see it, let go of both. Your iPad will power up on it’s own.
If you updated your iPad OTA (via Settings - General - Software Update on your iPad), connect it to your computer with iTunes installed, perform a backup (iTunes or iCloud), then restore your device.

Hope that helps.
No problem here with 11.3 on my air 2.

Any particular app(s)?
I can’t remember the app which was running the first time, but I think I was running Fantastical on the second occasion (today).

When I say ‘restarted’, it was effectively the same as a manual restart with the Apple logo, so I imagine another manual restart would most likely have the same result.

I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it does it again, and try to remember which app was running at the time.

Just had my air 2 restart. Looking at CNN news page on Safari and iPad just went black and restarted. Power on 53%, so not power drop out.

So aerofly, you are not alone with this problem.
That’s interesting Nsquirrel, let’s now see if we get other reports. Mine’s been ok for a few days now.

Thanks Aerofly.

What may be related, for my iPad anyway, is a possible bug in Safari bookmarks for which I submitted a bug report this morning.

Rather than repeat it, the topic is ‘Bookmark Oddity in Safari’ at Bookmark Oddity in Safari
I'm wondering if it's finally safe to update. My wife's and my iPads (2017 9.7") and iPhones (6S) are still on 10.3. We'll be going on a trip, soon, so I'd like to know if it's safe to update or is 11.x still problematical?

Note: We don't have iTunes, nor would it be practical to attempt to install it. MS-Windows is a rarely-used "secondary" OS for us, and we have no Macs. So backing up to iTunes is a non-starter. If iOS 11.x is likely to trash our devices, we'll just stick with 10.3. In that case: Is there any way to stop the repetitive iOS 11 downloads and notifications?

The restart problem has happened only once for me on the iPad and not on our 2 iPhone 8s.

So from my experience I would suggest that you definitely go to 11.3; for one thing it should have better security.

I hope that this helps you.
The restart problem has happened only once for me on the iPad and not on our 2 iPhone 8s.

So from my experience I would suggest that you definitely go to 11.3; for one thing it should have better security.

I hope that this helps you.
Part of that better security is the Meltdown patch added in iOS 11.2.
Upgraded my iPad yesterday. Other than insisting it couldn't log me into iCloud, when it turned out it had, it went smoothly. Encouraged by that I did my iPhone this morning.

The phone went not quite as smoothly. First it pulled the same "can't log you into iCloud" stunt, then twirled endlessly on fetching the new end-user agreement for it. Having read the best cure for those problems is log out of iCloud, reboot the phone, log back in: That's what I did.

During that process it claimed to have sent me a verification code it had not, in fact sent. I told it I hadn't received it and send me another via text message, at which point it simply logged me in! One or another of the codes later showed up on my iPad. Never did show up on the phone. Seems like their process is a bit b0rk3d in this respect.

Watch upgrade was slow, but uneventful.

Later, when I tried to make a call, I found I had no service. Rebooted the phone again and had three bars. Hmmm...

The upgrade process hammered the phone's battery. By the time all that was done it was down from 100% to 54%, so it's back on the charger. The new battery health thing claims I'm GTG with 85% battery life. The upgrade didn't much affect the iPad's battery.
Just thought I'd update.

The only problem my wife and I noticed with iOS 11.3 on our iPads was swiping up to get to the task management list had become nearly unusable. After some experimentation I found the reason was that the slightest drift to the right or left would cause the motion to be detected as a right- or left-swipe, rather than an up-swipe.

Last night we each installed 11.3.1 and the problem appears to have been addressed, as swiping up appears to be nearly as usable as it was for us under 10.3.

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