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Internet Browser for IPad 2


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Mar 26, 2012
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Waynesboro, Va
I'm very new to Ipad and have no experience with the Mac/Apple OS. My wife and I bought the Ipad together. My interest is a mobile laptop (web surfing) and my wife's interests are other things. I'm used to Internet Explorer which has a home page (when you start explorer that is where you go) which you can choose the location for. At first glance safari doesn't seem much like internet explorer; maybe it is just my lack of experience. The other things are the bookmarks or favorites. Is it possible to do both of these things?? Can you direct me to an internet site which can walk me thru these specific items?

By the way, is there a location I can access from my regular computer for the Ipad User Guide???

Thanks for any help.


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Nov 13, 2010
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Tempe, Az
Best user guide and free is in iBooks. Safari can be saved with a home page of your choosing. Or you can just save one in your bookmarks and be there with one click.

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