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Interactive media kit help.


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Jun 3, 2010
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I work for a magazine publishing company and they want to make an app that displays a sales pitch with video and multiple pages., basically an html5 webpage. Also the ability to download it a static version for viewing while not in a 3g area.

So the inspiration for this is the newly released finacial times application
(apparently I need 3 posts to put up links, so just google it.)

Now I'm just a web designer. I know not a whole lot about development for ipad but I'm just wondering how much programming would have to go into something like this. And if its even feasible for me to learn it, or to contract it out to a programmer with the skills?

Thanks in advance.
Welcome! There are services that you can hire, but since it is just a cool video brochure, why not do it in HTML like you note? Then you could at least do SEO on it and the audience would be wider?

Or do you have a boss who just wants ro tell the other executives that you have an iPad app? :D
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Well the idea is that its an inhouse sort of marketing tool that we take to prospective clients, so SEO is irrelevant. And making it as a webpage is what I'm want to do because I can do it. But you always have the browser stuff(url bar, safari logo, stuff like that) around the page. Which would just look much more professional without that.

Like the Financial Times App. they've seemed to have made a naked browser that downloads local versions of its site, atleast thats how I understand it, I could be wrong.

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