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Importing folders with PDFs inside and notes/bookmarks on iPad?


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Jun 7, 2015
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Hello guys,

I just bought an iPad 3 recently and being the first Apple product I've got after years with Windows and Android I am finding it frustrating to migrate to it... I cannot find a logical way to do things that in other OS are quite simple.

Could you please help me with the following?

1.- How could I transfer a folder from my PC with loads of subfolders and PDF files in it to the iPad?
For example, I've got a main folder and inside like 20 subfolders with 10 PDFs each, is there an easy way to transfer this complete hirarchy?
At present I've seen that I can transfer one file at a time with itunes, which is time consuming and then all files are mixed up when I go to iBooks as I cannot keep them inside any kind of folder.

2.- And regarding iBooks, I've got loads of notes and bookmarks that appear in Adobe Reader (windows) or in other android PDF readers, however, none of those notes or bookmarks on those PDFs are read by the iBooks app. I've checked under settings that the bookmarks and notes sections is enabled, but still, this feature doesn't seem to be comaptible with windows/android?
Do you know if this can be achieve in a different way? or any other free app that allows you to open PDFs with their notes and bookmarks?

Many thanks!!

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