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If your ProScopeMobile will no longer connect...


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Feb 8, 2012
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Sonoma, CA
I went to use my Bodelin ProScopeMobile WiFi microscope with my iPad3, to document a circuit board in a consumer electronic device. My iPad found the AirMicroXXX signal and connected. But the matching AirMicroPad application would only show a blank page with "connecting...". Finally discovered that Bluetooth had been enabled on my iPad3 when using my first downloaded audio book to connect with the stereo in my vehicle, which has Bluetooth. But the ProScopeMobile will NOT connect if your iPad's Bluetooth connection is turned on. Turning off Bluetooth allowed immediate lockup and normal ProScopeMobile operation. This caused me several frustrating days, including contacting the Bodelin help desk; they also now know about this problem and its simple solution. Love my ProScopeMobile and iPad combination.
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