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I'd just like to say a massives THANKS to Tapatalk....


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Mar 18, 2011
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Huapai, Kumeu, Norwest Auckland, NZ
They turned themselves into an annual PAY MONEY quite recently and it was through their iPad App that i ever came to post my few questions etc for iPadForums.net, right from the day i bought my 1st iPad series #1....

I believe i actually paid for their App somewhere along the way and had relied upon it to access a couple of other Forums dear to me.

Sadly the actual amount of $ they appeared to need annually was outside my sort of justified expenditure so i apologize Tapatalk ... Morris is GONE and so doing i've been forced to use my PC to find iPadForums.net which plainly i have abd i am STUNNED. Why-O-why i had not tried this route until now i do not know. I must say the website is beyond what i ever experienced interfacing via Tapatalk....

Thanks Tapatalk for your needs to become a profit based business, i would have never known!

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