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Feb 18, 2011
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I became a member of this forum to get information from people who might know. I have had my iPad for a week now and am still delighting in its features! My initial query is why some apps (Google for example) don't use key clicks. I thought something had gone wrong and checked Settings>Sounds>Keyboard Clicks, but that was set ON. Most curious. Anybody know a reason for the inconsistency?

I have used personal computers for many many years. Currently have a Windows desktop and a light weight Eee notebook for traveling, but think that may give way to the iPad. Pity about the pigheaded lack of flash content! I was converted to an iPhone over a year ago and love it! So the iPad is a natural extension. Love its instant startup and response. Now looking for a really good photo editing app. I'd welcome suggestions. I'm a retired widower with plenty to do and 4 grownup kids to visit interstate and overseas.

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