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I love Zootopia but I seem to be cursed only to see fan fiction and no real continuity?


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Feb 26, 2018
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All I want to see is decent Sequal in which we see what Bellweather’s bad experience with predators was if any. My theory is that her character is based on one of the oldest Disney Villlians Adolf Hitler who appeared in several cartoon as an un-Charismatic Homosexual stereotype (Yes I know this was based off of a real person who we do not speak of) and I believe Bellwether was trying to groom Judy to be her Ernst Rom style Gay Lover and Enforcer and wanted Nick to be a pred version of the chief Judenrat. I secretly think Bellwether had a very embarrassing rejection by a pred possibly a Fox which was why she let Nick touch her wool. I believe has both Autism and some type of PTSD and I just wanna hug her for being like me (I have the same two conditions) even though she is pure evil.

Tell me if their is a sequal what would you like to see explained?

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