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I inherited an iPad2! Merging content question...


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Jan 9, 2012
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I hope this is the correct forum - apologies if it isn't, and feel free to move if needed.

My wonderful mother passed away recently, and left me her new iPad2. This is my first tablet and I'm enjoying learning to use it. Here's my conundrum:

I want to start syncing the iPad2 calendar with my Outlook calendar on my Windows-based laptop. I've learned how to do so through iTunes and synced calendars successfully. But every time I attach the iPad2 to the laptop, iTunes asks me if I want to erase the iPad2 data and sync it with my iTunes content from my laptop, or transfer eligible purchases over. It would seem easiest to have the iPad2 pointed to my personal iTunes account so it "knows that it's mine" now.

But my challenge is that I would like to keep some of the content in my mother's iTunes account - particularly some audio books she downloaded (they're good books, plus they have sentimental value). I don't want to erase them, but they won't transfer over to my iTunes content since they were purchased under her account. Now, I do have my late mother's iTunes account name and password so I have no trouble updating apps and accessing the content on the iPad2.

Basically, I guess the issue boils down to
1) Keeping the tablet and laptop separate, functioning under two separate iTunes accounts. (but then I have to click past the annoying "erase & sync or transfer" dialogue box every time I want to sync calendars). OR
2) Transfer ownership of the iPad to my iTunes account (in which case I lose the content in my mother's iTunes account).

Is there a way to both transfer ownership and retain previously-purchased content?

Thanks in advance!
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Perhaps your only route is to contact Apple support to ask if they can transfer the content from her account to yours.

The problem is, the content is locked to her account - while yours is locked to yours.

Could be worth doing an audit to see if the audiobooks were free and if that is the case, you could download them for free.

I don't know your Mum, I am sorry for your loss. However I suspect she'd want you to make maximum use of it and even if you have to re-purchase some of the items on your iTunes account, it's the content thats important and it would still be what she choose to have that you'll be carrying around - no matter how the digital download gets there.

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