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HTML5 Local Video ?


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Feb 24, 2017
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iPad 4th Gen
iOS 10.2.1
DropBox 36.2.2
GoodReader 4.12.0.

I have a simple HTML5 page with a video embedded in it.


It plays fine when viewed directly on the web in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on the iPad.

But it won't play when downloaded in GoodReader, or from DropBox as a zip file and opened in GoodReader as a local file.


If I navigate to the folder with the video, the video will play by itself in GoodReader, it just won't play in the HTML page.

The zip file can also be downloaded here: Edited

Is this some new restriction on local files from Apple in the latest version of iOS?

Local HTML5 video pages would play in GoodReader prior to the installation of iOS 10.2.1.


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