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how to sync Kindle ebooks to ipad?


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Mar 26, 2011
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Hi, I have some Kindle ebooks I downloaded. (MOBI files). I have a iPad with Kindle apps installed. Is that possible to transfer those files there so I can read it in Kindle apps? Seems iTunes cannot recognize those books in the library. Thanks.
All my kindle books are there....look at the "archieved books" on the bottom. Click that on, and see if they're there.
You can only read those books with the Kindle app. Once you download the Kindle app from the App Store or through iTunes on your computer, Kindle has nothing to do with iTunes. When you open the Kindle app, it will ask you for your account information. Use the same logon and password you normally use for Amazon and you will see everything in your archive. Then as long as your are connected, you can download anything from your archive to your Kindle home page.

Clear as mud, eh?
It doesn't sound as if OP has downloaded the ebooks from the Amazon Kindle store, but rather got them from other sources and then added them to the Kindle via USB. The ebooks should therefore not be available from the 'archived items'.

Don't ask me how to read them on the iPad. Perhaps convert them to some other format and then import them to iBooks?
I didn't want to make that assumption, but if they are "hacked" versions of books in .mobi format, they will just have to look for their answer somewhere else besides this forum.
I did not want to presume that the ebooks are hacked, but instead point out that Amazon's sells their ebooks in .azw format. .mobi ebooks have therefore nothing to do with the Kindle store & app. And thus the question shouldn't be how to open them in the Kindle app, but rather which ebook reader does open .mobi files.
The kindle device is capable of reading non-DRM .mobi files. The Kindle app is not.

Your best, easiest way to read these books is the Stanza app. You can import them using File Sharing in iTunes. That's not drag and drop. You need to connect the device, go to the Apps tab and use the File Sharing stuff at the bottom.

If you have a Mac, you can download the OS X version of Stanza and sync the files that way.

You can also look into converting the books to ePub, which will give you other reader options, including iBooks. Calibre is the most commonly recommended app for this. It is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Again, if you have a Mac, Stanza for OS X will convert many formats.

For those that are wondering, yes you can get DRM free .mobi files from several sources, legal ones even. Baen.com offers this type of download and I have several, though I went back and re-downloaded them as ePubs as soon as they offered that format.
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I definitely recommend Calibre! Very easy to load ebooks onto iPads, Kindles, and more. Does a good job converting to different formats for various devices as well.

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Although you can use the email/Safari methods to import files, I recommend using Dropbox. You can use the "Open In..." option to open .mobi or .azw formats in the Kindle app (Docs tab), or .epub formats in iBooks (top section).

A good site for free ebooks can be found by Googling: "74 Places For Free Kindle eBooks Online (Legally)"

As stated above, you cannot add non-Amazon eBooks to your Kindle account for syncing, but Dropbox does the job to share on multiple devices.
Thanks for that. The Kindle app has become considerably better since the original post. Both side loading and format support have been improved.

This is especially nice since the Stanza app is no more. At least not for iOS 5 and newer.

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