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How to move downloaded videos into TV App ??


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Sep 24, 2022
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Hi all,

Not an apple user but my wife so I am stuck at proceeding. I have downloaded a couple of videos on the iPad for the kid but can't get them to show up in the TV app (apple tv app native on the pad). There are many other videos in there which i synced via PC and itunes. I am not at home right now so don't have access to an PC/iTunes.

New videos got downloaded but they do not show in the tv app, only under files folder / downloads (and synced in cloud of course). I downloaded some to the pad from the cloud but still they don't show in the tv app. (this means the kid would always need to switch between tv app and files folder which is annoying)

Am I right in my suspicion that I need to sync with itunes/PC that videos show up in the tv app ? Or how can this be done within the osx software of the pad?

Thanks folks


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
I'm surprised you can still do this in iTunes on the PC. This is a feature from when ripping songs and shows from CD/DVDs was not only common, but pretty much the only way to get movies on the iPad. The iPad by itself has never had the ability to rip and/or import music and movies into Apple's media apps.

There are plenty of third party players that will let you import and play movies. If the movies are already in on the iPad, you should be able to navigate to them via the player, or in some cases you'll need to import them directly to the player.

I rarely need to play imported videos or music, but when I do I use nPlayer. I won't claim it is the best, since I don't keep up on what is what in that market, but it is fairly flexible and does what I need. There are plenty of other apps. A quick search for video player should give you dozens.

You can also import some video formats to Photos, but this is rarely a good way to watch them. It is more for short clips you take yourself, or clips that you intend to make your own movies with in iMovie or Luma Fusion.

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