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How to load songs/music to AlarmClock app?


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Aug 1, 2012
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Hi, I have installed AlarmClock app on my new ipad. When I tried to set sleep timer, I couldn't find/add any song, albums, or playlist from within the app. So how do I load music/song/playlist to the app which I can choose to play for sleep timer function? I seemed not able to find any music/song in my ipad, but I have some nice music/song stored in my mac and iTunes. I tried to sync from my mac to ipad by app file sharing, but AlarmClock does not show up as a file sharing app. Also in mac itunes, when I tried to sync music the setting at that function is all grey out and does not allow to sync music (even I don't know if it can load to the AC app).

So how do I give and make AC app to play music for sleep timer? (The best way of using sleep timer would be make AC app to play music from radio (I have TuneIn app) and turn it off when sleep timer is up. But I don't think AC would work in this way though.)

Any help is appreciated.
Update: Music sync from iTunes enabled. All sync songs are also loaded to AlarmClock app and its sleep timer works perfectly now.

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