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How to get photos onto iPad without iTunes or Camera Kit

I'm not so sure it does resize photos on import now. It does if mailing them....but thats ok. I need to do more research to confirm

Now I know that there are dozens of ways to do this if you HAVE an internet connection, but I am assuming I won't. So if anyone has any suggestions other than whats already mentioned would love to hear it
Aha! Worked out a solution. Well 2 solutions in fact

1) download a free product called connectify which turns your windows laptop into a wireless access point. You can then use photo transfer app. Unfortunately it doesn't work on windows 7 Starter edition, so I couldn't use this

2) setup your laptop/net book as an adhoc wireless network. Real easy and works on windows 7 starter. It took me about 30 seconds to enable, then i could use photo transfer app to xfer all the photos

So is that getting it "onto" your ipad or just making them viewable from your iPad. I'm not familiar with the flickr app

Many things are possible if you have an internet connection. Its the absence of an internet connection and iTunes that makes it tricky, so hopefully my solution helps people with that dilemma.
I use an eye-fi extreme x2 card, a flickr pro account $24yr and the flickr stacker app.

does this allow you to connect camera to ipad direct, or do you need an ad-hoc network hosted by a "real" computer involved? To me if you are going to use a laptop, you might as well copy them to the laptop and then sync normally with iTunes.
Nevermind, you mentioned that it would scale them down. I didnt know that. I know it pulls the JPG out of a RAW file, but didnt know it would scale them down. On the other hand, you wont be able to store a lot of super high res photos in your iPad. I actually like how iTunes scales them down - saves a lot of space. I do all the sophisticated editing and such on my laptop anyway.

ipad does not scale them down.. I shoot 100% raw files and the import puts the actual raw file on the ipad. The ipad is capable of displaying a raw file but does do some sort of conversion as its definitely not the 100% sized image. there is no jpg to pull out of a raw, but a jpg preview can be generated.

my workflow: shoot raw to my sdcard. plug sdcard and import into ipad so i can show my work to my client/friends/etc. these are just for review. i cannot "pick" or cull my images from the ipad.. only look at images (that sucks!)

then i can connect my ipad to my system and import the raw files directly to my computer or i can just import from my sdcard. same same.

then i delete the files from my ipad and finish all my work on my computer.
I see - so the iPad is just a nice, quick viewer so the client can immediately see what you shot. That's pretty cool.
Thanks for all your reponses guys. I already have a drop box via picasa and that photo transfer app does seem useful, however when traveling, I cant assume I'll have a wifi connection. I was hoping for a method that used the USB cable.

I think I'll download that photo transfer app anyway..seems like a good idea..just wish it worked with a cable as well

You will always have Bluetooth on both devices. So, while slower an a cable, the transfer apps will work wherever you are. But I would like to be able to move many at once and the sync feature just isn't working for me.

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