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How to delete duplicate contacts?


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Aug 30, 2010
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Philadelphia, pa, usa
I tried to synch from both my iMac and my mbp. As a result, I have duplicates for every contact. How to undo this? I don't see a way to delete a card. Is there a way to delete?
In the specific contact, click Edit, scroll down to the bottom of the details and you will see a big red button to "Delete Contact"
Oh, there it is! Thanks. I was hoping for a way to delete all duplicates at once. But being able to delete one by one is better than nothing. Thanks again.
Duplication usually happens after or during syncing. I have the same problem in the past. But I guess you could try using a duplicate remover like Scrubly Duplicate Contacts Remover. This really works well for me. They have other features you can use. Just give it a try.:)

I Hope this helps. Thanks.

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