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How-To Create a Winterboard Theme which change Wallpaper random


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Jun 6, 2012
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I hope I'm in the correct section for this little How-To.
After I was able to jailbreak my iPad 3 I tried to find a way to change my wallpaper random after a specified time.
I already known that there is a way to do this with a little Winterboard Theme. I used this method but the result was not so exiting (no retina wallpaper), so I tried to fix it and after a few tries I found a solution which works.
This method should also work with other devises with little adjustments.

What do you need:
- Jailbreak iPad (3)
- Winterboard installed

What do you need to do:
1. Create a folder with a name you can chose and has the ending ".theme"

2. In this folder create a folder "img"

3. In the folder "img" you have to put all wallpaper you want.
- They should have the resolution 1536x2048
- They have to be PNG-Pictures
- They have to be nummered from 1 to ...
- The picture label has to look like "12@2x.png" (The "@2x" is important.)

4. Into the ".theme"-folder you put a file called "Wallpaper.html" (It has to be exactly this name)
The content of this file is:
<html><head><meta HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" Content="1800"; URL=Wallpaper.html">
</head><body style="
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;


var winid = Math.round((Math.random() * (999)));
document.write("<IMG SRC='img/"+winid+"@2x.png' border=0 width=768 height=1024>");



  • The "************>" have to be replaced with "********"
  • The "1800" at the first line are secound after that a ne wallpaper will placed.
  • The "999" in the middle are the max number of pictures you have.

5. When ".theme" folder is done you have to put it on your devise in "/Library/Themes/". There sould be a few other theme-folders.

6. After you have done this, go into Winterboard and activate this theme. In Winterboard the "SummerBoard Mode" has to be disabled.

What does this theme do
The "Wallpaper.html" simply create a random value and use this value to chose the picture.

What to note

  • The Wallpaper does not rotate. I haven't a way to do this. Because of this the wallpaper has to have the resolution 1526x2048.


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Jun 6, 2012
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Thanks for Tutorial Help


Thank you for your tutorial guideline and I think it helps.I will try this out.Good idea indeed lol :)

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