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Hotspot feature connecting to my iPhone 4S


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Mar 20, 2012
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Southeast Texas
First time post; First day on this forum. I tried posting this on the Apple Communities to no avail so I thought I would try over here.

I have figured out a few things about the iPad 3 Hotspot. It seems to work fairly well. LTE and 3G(what I am on now). I am connecting through my Mac without any problems. First observation, the iPad will quickly turn off the hotspot feature if no connections exist after x amount of minutes. I suspect that is a small number too. Once that happens, I have to go back and restart - at least going back the Hotspot settings screen that is. This is a blessing and a curse. As I said my Mac seems to be very happy as it keeps a persistent connection - life is good.

However, if I connect my iPhone 4s to the hotspot, it works as long as the phone doesn't go to sleep. Once this happens the connection to the hotspot is dropped and the iPad ultimately detects no connections and shuts down that service. Thus if you want to use the phone again on the hotspot, you have to go back the iPad and repeat the start up actions. Sort of a pain if you ask me.

One work around is to have something always connected if that is possible. Then when you wake the iPhone up - it reconnects and continues on with life. However, inquiring minds want to know how keep this darn thing connected. I don't have this problem on my home wifi since the wifi is always on. And the phone appears to not drop the connection/disconnect from it when sleeping.

Anyone have ideas or have experienced this phenomena their selves? Thoughts / comments?

--Mickey A

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