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Hotmail issues


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Apr 27, 2010
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Hotmail freezes up when sending new messages or forwards.. Anybody have issues? What email platform are you using?

I ask because I have a lot of contacts and info I forward using hotmail
I use hotmail and yahoo. No problems. I had call my contacts on my old computer which was a windows and synced all of them into contacts. Just make sure before syncing you check contacts on iTunes sync.
Transfer Contacts to iPad, iPhone

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Easily Transfer Contacts to iPad, iPhone,... I bought at Kindle bookstore, but I see it is in iBookstore also!

Really, really EASY DIRECTIONS, with Screen Shots of screens. Best directions of how to do it yourself always for both iPad and iPhone!! Is a lifesaver!!!

This is the ONLY place I found directions that were REALLY EASY to follow, understandable, and easy to use, and so QUICKLY too!

This should be a user manual included with iPad and iPhone!!!!!!!!

Beats Mobile me, this was only 5 bucks!!! Way worth it!!!

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