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Hotmail Exchange=no mails?

Jan 22, 2011
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Outside my iPad, or was it inside?
Mail is setup with 3 Exchange accounts, but Hotmail doesn't load emails anymore, even though sending emails from hotmail still works, so the username/password are definitely fine.

The popup in Mail simply reads:
Cannot get Mail
Server error.
Contact your System Administrator

I have already deleted that hotmail account and set it up as a new account, as well as tested receiving hotmail emails on another iPad.

The weird thing is, when I setup hotmail fresh a few days ago, it loaded emails from 2007 till january 2011, and then simply stopped. Now it won't download any type of email.

A temporary work-around I have found is to use IM+Pro, add the hotmail account and have it push notify of any incoming email, but it doesn't allow for opening the full email. So it is not a good solution.

Is this a general issue with hotmail at the moment? Is there anything I can change/edit to make it work again?

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