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Hey Guys!


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Jan 28, 2012
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Hey my name is Tyrone and I have been on sort of an extended hiatus from Apple since the mid 90"s and now I'm back where I started after being a blackberry convert for several years.

I'm a men's style blogger [iconimageconcepts.com] and wardrobe valet. My entry back in to Apple has been to get an iPhone an iPad and I have been playing with this new-to-me-tech for about two weeks and absolutely loving it...

I forgot how much of a closed system this is, but getting used to it and noticing subtle difference in the tech with things like photos and their organization on ther iPad and the iPhone...Is there an app I can use to better share organize and name my photos that may be someting like your native iPhoto?

Also contemplating a Mac, but won't get one until the end of the semester but yes---I'm going all in on Mac. Nice to be back :)

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