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Help! Can't Find Kitten Game App?


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May 9, 2011
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Sydney, Australia
I hope I have the right area for this question, my apologies if I've goofed!:D

I was adding apps like a "mad woman knitting" & I noticed an app for a game regarding, something along the lines of a kitten or kittens having to be kept in a box & the last bit of info. I saw said to be careful as the kitten(s) only had 9 lives & I guess after that the game is over.

As I was looking for something different & before I could get to the kitten game app it was gone. I completed what I selected & intended returning, entering letters along the same lines as before, thinking this would bring back the first screen with the kitten info. but it didn't!

I have tried everything I know to try to search for this app but as yet I don't know enough to find it & I'm getting mad with myself for being so stupid!

Does any kind person know of either how I might go about finding "that darn cat" (my apologies for using that last un-funny bit!) or, fingers crossed, the name of this kitten game app I'm looking for?

I would appreciate any & all help & hope I can find it so I can stop thinking of it!

Many thanks.


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Jan 3, 2011
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I'm surprised that some of our cat-loving Members haven't been able to help here - I've had a look, but I can't find the game that you're referring to.

Maybe 'bumping' your post will help


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