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Hello from Minnesota!


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May 30, 2010
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Just found this forum yesterday. Looks like lots of good info. Purchased our second iPad 2 weeks ago (64Gig 3G) because my wife wouldn't share the first one we purchased for the two of us.

Went Mac 4 years ago with the purchase of our first iMac. Now on 3rd iMac (27 inch beauty), 8th iPod/iPod touch, 2nd iPhone (3rd one on the way in a few weeks probably if the 4G's are cool). 29 years in the technology industry and I am convinced the iPad (and it's competitors, if they are good enough) will be the devices necessary to get many former computer haters into the fold. Hopefully, we can keep Microsoft out of this revolution!

Looking forward to interacting with some other zealots!

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