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Hello from Milwaukee WI


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Mar 8, 2010
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in a house
Just wanted to shout out! In metro Milwaukee area. currently using a byroad HP TC-1100 and love the slate style PC but I hate haring to use a stylus. Its just inconvenient at tines. However there's nothing move cathartic than writing on the screen. the Battery life is about an Hour so I look forward to the 10 hrs or so.

I'll probably pick up a 32G wifi only and when the next one with a camera comes out, give the 1st gin to my 5 yr old.
Welcome to site! Any plans to preorder one this week?
Welcome to the site, sylvanis! Also, its cool that your 100% that the 2nd gen will have a camera.:)
I will probably wait till they are @ Best Buy. I've got a bunch of Reward Zone points that will help offset the cost of it. My brother in law just bough a LED TV and used my RZ card, so I should be getting a good chunk of points.

Additionally, with a potiental house purchase and having to pay for a vacation that I really don't wart to take, It'll probably be may/ june before I pick it up.

Anyone know if there will be handwriting support? I've been looking at the Modbook, but can't justify that until one of my laptops takes a dump.

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