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Hello All! New iPad 32GB WiFi Owner


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May 31, 2010
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SF Bay Area
Hey hey!

What a great find to have come across this forum! I'm happy to relay any experiences and information I've found helpful. Here's a bit of what I'm using....

*** iPad 32 +WiFi. Jailbroken with Spirit. I'll quickly try to describe the major apps I'm using.

With the Jailbreak I installed-
- Winterboard (for UI customizations- Some themes, status bar icons, battery charging icons and custom font colors work, custom lockscreens don't ),

-Backgrounder with Activator for multitasking and custom button and gesture actions.

- BT Stack GPS, allows me to pair the iPad with my old Nokia bluetooth GPS puck (bought for a Nokia N800 MID and used maybe 5 times, lol). This is a game changer. I now have FULL GPS and use it with Google Maps and MotionXGPS.

-SB Catergories for fast launching folders (the free version, called Categories, must load folders like running an application instead of just opening the folder), but it takes a weird combination of soft resets and UI resets- no loss of information- in order to get the folder icons to show.

-SB Settings for a drop down menu of system settings to quickly access- toggles for wifi, bluetooth, screen brightness and more. Plus you get a secondary dock and quick keys for UI reset (called respring), link to custom status bar settings (add date, ip address, available memory, etc. to your top of your screen and more). SB Setting and activator are worth the tiny risk to jailbreak.

***iPhone 3GS 32gb, OS 3.1.3. Also jailbroken with Spirit. I know... this is an iPad site, but just in case there are others like me that have the iPad to complement the iPhone.... I have many more jailbroken apps installed on the phone because most aren't compatible with the iPad yet. Here are a few that I'm not sure how I'll work without when I get the iPhone 4 in 3 weeks.... though I've read iOS4 has been broken already.

- My3G, make apps like youtube think you're on a wifi connection when you're on 3G, so you can play the higher rez videos (no slow down in streaming, 3G can easily handle the higher bit rate), works with app store to download apps over 20mb and many other apps that ATT won't let you use on the 3g network.

- MyWi, turns phone into a 3G hotspot and allows wired and bluetooth tethering. Another game changer since I'm always able to get online with the iPad and with BT Stack GPS, saves me $130 plus $30 per month on NOT getting the iPad 3G.

- Pro Switcher, apps switcher that works like the cards from the Palm Pre. So far it's not compatible with the iPad.

- LockScreen Info, customizable information list that can be accessed at the lockscreen and home screen

- Winterboard, SB Settings, Activator, SB Categories, 5 Icon Dock (just what it says :) )

*** Verizon MiFi. Got this before I jailbroke and installed MyFi. I'm not in contract so I only turn it on if I feel I've been using a lot of data tethering the iPhone. Haven't had any extra charges or problems from ATT, but I've read you should be cautious when ninja tethering since you can go from a 500mb-1gb user one month to a 3-4gb user the next, which would red flag you fast.

I listed all this so that it might help anyone just getting started with jailbreaking (not to gloat/brag/flex :D ) and am willing to answer any related questions, if possible. I'm not a coder, dev or professional in this field, just a fanatical enthusiast. Please excuse the lengthy post....


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