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Has anyone gone in and reserved since Friday?


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Apr 16, 2010
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Cave Creek, AZ
I have been popping into the apple store a few times to hopefully snag a 3G as it comes off the truck, to no avail.

I was in the Biltmore store this morning and reserved one and received a confirmation email stating they'll let me know when it arrives.

Has anyone, who has reserved since the release of the 3G, gotten a notice that their iPad is ready? The salesperson at the store said about 2 days, but I'm skeptical. . . I expected the 3G to outstrip the wifi model, but I'm getting the impression that they're selling like hotcakes.
Is reserving faster then ordering from Apple.com?
Edit: NM. Just got off the phone with the local Apple Store. Their reserve list is over 150 long, they have no idea when they are getting more, and only get 60 or so at a time.
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Apple store online claims that new orders for the 3G will ship in 5-7 days. Sounds much more certain than an in-person buy.
I Pre-Ordered for the WiFi model, was aggravated by the unknowing arrival time date and tracking info, even though it was indicated for the 3rd of April.

Everything was fine after receiving it late that afternoon, but seeing the forums many people getting it sooner than pre orders by going to local stores, was an addition to the aggravation.

This time I decided to not even pre-order for in store pick up and instead arrive at Best Buy before the estimated release time. It worked out flawlessly, got there early, grabbed a voucher and hardly had to wait long before they began at 5PM selling the units.

The main thing also noted was the stock of the original WiFi was meek as well as the amount of 3G units stocked in the store for that days release. I am impressed although not having many at each store, Apple seemed to balance well the areas that needed more inventory than those that needed less. When it comes down to it, it seems more people that were anticipating the purchase of the 3G, were happy and able to obtain one than those who did not.

Still the moral of the story, hindsight is 20/20 and I learned what to do right the next time after the WiFi release. I also ended up a happy camper and with one in my hands sooner than waiting for my UPS or FEDEX guy, which typically don't arrive until late in the afternoon almost evening.

Somehow I knew, call it intuition or smart shopping, that the 3G unit was not going to be over abundant on launch day and precautions had to be taken to ensure one in hand.

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