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Google Launches Redesigned Gmail App for iOS


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Gmail gets a big update.JPG

AppleInsider reports that Google has launched a redesigned Gmail for iOS app today.

Most notable in the revamped app is support for Gmail’s “undo send” feature, although in the case of the app it’s only for 5 seconds and not the full 30 seconds of the web mail version.

The second major feature of the revamp is a much improved search feature. In particular, search in Gmail for iOS is now much faster. So much so that AppleInsider tested the app using a multi-term search of a 55,000 email archive on a fast Wi-Fi setup, and found that the results came back almost immediately. In comparison, the same search on the previous version of the Gmail app took up to 11 seconds to return results.

Other tweaks to the Gmail app include faster scrolling, and faster notifications from Gmail. Spelling suggestions are another new feature that has been introduced in the new update, as has the ability to either delete or archive an email by swiping it.

Source: Google deploys giant update for iOS Gmail app with new design, improved speed

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