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    Android Security Head Boasts The Platform is Now Safer Than its Rivals

    The head of Security at Android, David Kleidermacher, has proclaimed in his introduction to the 2017 Year in Review of Android Security that Google’s Android platform is now just as secure as iOS, and possibly even more secure. 9to5 Mac writes that Kleidermacher stated to CNET that “Android...
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    YouTube Working on a Fix for Battery Drain Issue With iOS App

    AppleInsider reports today that YouTube, which is owned by Google, has told customers that it is currently looking into a bug in its iOS app that is leading to very heavy battery drain on both iPads and iPhones, even when the app is running in the background. YouTube announced that it is...
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    Google Announces YouTube TV

    Recode writes that Google has today unveiled its new YouTube TV platform, which will cost $35 per month to use and which will feature a bundle of channels from both broadcast networks and cable networks. The new service will have its own app, which is due to launch later in the spring, and...
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    Google Launches Redesigned Gmail App for iOS

    AppleInsider reports that Google has launched a redesigned Gmail for iOS app today. Most notable in the revamped app is support for Gmail’s “undo send” feature, although in the case of the app it’s only for 5 seconds and not the full 30 seconds of the web mail version. The second major feature...
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    Google Announces YouTube Go App Designed to Minimise Mobile Data Usage

    9to5 Mac reports that Google has designed a new YouTube app, YouTube Go, specifically to help users avoid running up huge data bills on the go. Unfortunately this very handy app won’t be available anywhere other than India just yet, but Google says that the app will be rolled out in other...
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    iOS 9 Adoption Rate Reaches 87%

    iDownload Blog reports that according to Apple’s latest figures, the iOS 9 adoption rate has now reached 87% of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, representing a 1-point gain from a month ago. In this same period, iOS 8 fell from 11% to 10% of devices, possibly signifying that upgrades could...
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    Google Launches Touch ID Sign-In Via iPhone and iPad

    BGR writes that you can now use Touch ID on your iPhone to sign in to your Google account via 2-Step Verification (2FV). Usually, 2FV consists of inputting your username and password (step 1), and then entering a code that is sent to you via e-mail or a text message, or even via an...