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  1. J

    Problem adding Gmail account to Native Mail App

    The native mail app was working fine with my gmail account. Had a problem though and deleted the gmail account on the ipad. Was just going to re-add it. During setup Gmail comes back and says IOS 12 or higher is required. As did pretty much every other email app I tried. Is there a way around...
  2. NSquirrel

    Mail App Receiving Bug (iOS14.0.1)

    I am creating a separate post to another Mail App post (IOS 14 Mail app Bug) as this is to do with receiving an email, rather than sending. I noticed yesterday a problem with an email from PatientAccess (in the UK) relating to an ‘Important Security Update’ change coming soon. Via the same...
  3. ladymindful

    Can’t Get Mail

    I use gmail for email. It was connected to my apple mail icon but now I get the message mail server not responding. This happened once before but I forget how to fix it.
  4. M

    Google Launches Redesigned Gmail App for iOS

    AppleInsider reports that Google has launched a redesigned Gmail for iOS app today. Most notable in the revamped app is support for Gmail’s “undo send” feature, although in the case of the app it’s only for 5 seconds and not the full 30 seconds of the web mail version. The second major feature...