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Good case for use while walking around?


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Jun 20, 2011
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Try googling. "tunewear folio", "sherpacarry" or "duvet iPad case"...I think these are what you are looking for. All have a shoulder strap long enough so if you hang it sound your neck, you can use your suspended iPad in front of you. let me know how these work out for you.

I NEED HELP ...I am getting a new iPad2 and I want a folio with a shoulder strap. I want the iPad holder to be the "snap in place" kind and not the "frame" style (which you slip the iPad in and is open on one side). Some of my apps work only in the upside down landscape position and with the frame style, I have to cup my hand so the iPad won't fall out. Also, the frame style folio I have for my current iPad is a very loose fit. I would rather it SNAP in place and then have a shoulder strap.


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Jan 27, 2010
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Seattle, Washington USA
Those WaterField sleeves certainly look very nice, but unfortunately they're not what I'm looking for. I need something that allows me to use the iPad while it's attached to my wrist or hung around my neck. I spend a few hours a day walking around using the iPad and my biggest concern is dropping it...

Any other suggestions?

I understand what you're looking for. It's an interesting idea and I haven't seen a case that incorporates a hole on, say, one corner that would enable you to put a cord through and attach to your wrist.

What you might try is one of the cases that has a strap across the back (mentioned by another poster) or a built-in "leg" that extends from the back as a prop for iPad. You could then put the cord around that piece and attach it to a cuff on your wrist.

P.S. This might meet your requirements. It appears to have a strap you can keep around your neck while you're using the iPad.

First Looks: Simplism Shoulder Leather Case for iPad | iLounge

P.S. Just did a google search and came across this. Looks like it would meet your requirements.

Assistive Technology - Tablet (iPad) Carry Case
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