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Gmail on iPad Gets a New Compose Interface


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Google’s Google Mobile Blog has details today of a revamp for "Gmail on iPad’s" compose interface. Google says that the new interface will provide an improved experience for composing Gmails on your iPad, with the old interface that split the screen between the inbox and compose view being replaced by a full-screen compose window. This means that more text can be viewed at once, and ensures that there are no more distracting messages on the side. Google has also fixed the bug that prevented scrolling on long messages, which had been reported by numerous users.

Google asks that you keep your suggestions and gripes coming, as they’re continuing to experiment with the touchscreen and tablet interface and welcome user feedback. To get gmail for the iPad, go to gmail.com in Safari. Unfortunately the new interface is currently only available in US English.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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