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May 7, 2010
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Miami, FL
For someone who hasn't had a portable GPS unit until the iPad, any info to get a novice started?

First thing you will want to do is go to geocaching.com and sign up for a free geocaching account.

Second go to the app store and download the free Geocaching App. Here is an itunes link Geocaching Intro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
The app is called Geocaching Intro. It will show you the three closes geocaches to your current location. (purchasing the full geocaching app takes away the 3 cache limit so you can browse more caches near by).There are a few different types of geocaches, you should probably try a traditional geocache for your first time. other caches like Multi-Caches require you to find multiple locations before finding the final cache location, and puzzle caches normaly require you to solve a puzzle in order to find the caches location.

Before you set out to find your first geocache here are some things you may want to bring with you or know about.

#1 a pen - All geocaches have at a minimum a log for your to sign your geocaching username on. Depending on the size of the geocache you could have only enough room for your name and a date, some are large enough for you to write a small note or story about your trip two the geocache.
#2 a small item to trade - If a geocache is large enough for trade items to be placed inside it the cache will have things you can trade for if you want to keep anything. Normaly trade items are all under a dollar in value. The only rule is that if you take anything from the geocache you must put something of equal value back into the cache so that there are still trade items for when the next group of people find it.
#3 Walking stick - If you have one you may want to bring it with you since it can make searching in wooded areas easier and you can use it to make sure there are no animals hiding in any holes before sticking your hand in them.
#4 Know What Poison Ivy Looks like - It can really ruin your day if you walk into some poison ivy. They have bunches of three leaves and the two on the sides sort of look like mittens with an outward bump like a thumb.

Geocaching is a ton of fun and it will get out out to very cool and interesting places right near where you live that you probably have never even noticed before.

Geocaching is world wide, Where ever you live in the world chances are there is probably a geocache near by.

When you get home, log onto geocaching.com and log your visit to that geocache on the caches page. Each geocache is identified with a "GC" code.
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