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Foxconn Insider Leaks iPhone 8, Siri Speaker, Apple AR Glasses and iMac Details


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Jun 7, 2010
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Foxconn insider talks iPhone 8, Siri Speaker, and Apple AR glasses.JPG

9to5 Mac reports today on a big leak of information about several different Apple products via a “Foxconn insider” posting on /r/apple. The “insider” has been verified by Reddit mods, and the same source has proved to be accurate in the past.

Regarding the iPhone 8, the insider says that they have seen the iPhone 8 at EVT stage (engineering validation test) back in January, and reassures that the Touch ID sensor will not be on the rear of the phone. The source adds that the iPhone 8 design is similar to that of the iPhone 7, but with thinner vertical bezels, and that it closely resembles a CNC dummy model (pictured) that was leaked by Benjamin Geskin on April 23, only with “more glass.” The source says that fingerprint scanners underneath the screen glass were originally tested but had poor yields.

As far as the Siri Speaker that is due to be launched at WWDC on Monday is concerned, the source says that it looks like a smaller MacPro, as has been widely rumoured. Various designs were tested by Apple, including one with a camera and display, but it is not thought that the finished version will have either of these.

The insider says that neither the 2017 iMac or MacBook line-ups will have any major design changes, but expect major updates for both in 2018.

And finally, the leaker says that Apple is currently testing its AR smart glasses ahead of launch in 2019. The source says that the glasses have a “cellulose acetate frame, bone conduction modules, multiple microphones, an internal battery and a prism to reflect information into the user’s vision.” They also include a microphone and accelerometer, and can detect head movements such as nodding or shaking. A capacitive strip on one side houses volume and other controls.

Source: Purported ‘Foxconn insider’ shares details on iPhone 8, Siri Speaker, Apple AR glasses, redesigned iMacs and more

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