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  1. V

    Sync or swim

    I have two iPads, an iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2 both of which should contain copies of my Photos album off my iMac. Unfortunately the last few photos will not Sync to either of the iPads. For a test I created a new Album on my iMac and labelled it 2018 for the coming years photos and entered a...
  2. M

    Apple Updates iMac, MacBook, and MacOS

    Apple has given its iMac lineup a big update, announcing the changes at yesterday’s WWDC17 Keynote address. Kicking off with the iMac lineup, the updated models now have faster Kaby Lake processors up to 4.2 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.5 GHz, and can support up to twice the memory as the last...
  3. M

    Foxconn Insider Leaks iPhone 8, Siri Speaker, Apple AR Glasses and iMac Details

    9to5 Mac reports today on a big leak of information about several different Apple products via a “Foxconn insider” posting on /r/apple. The “insider” has been verified by Reddit mods, and the same source has proved to be accurate in the past. Regarding the iPhone 8, the insider says that they...
  4. M

    Apple to Launch New iMacs Later in the Year Aimed at Pro Consumers

    AppleInsider reports that Apple has today announced that it will be releasing new iMacs this year, with several different configurations, including those designed to appeal to pro consumers and creative users. Apple marketing head Phil Schiller made the announcement when talking to journalists...
  5. P

    iPad Pro & iMac Won't Connect Wirelessly

    When I try to Bluetooth "pair" my new iPad Pro 9.7 (iOS 10.1.1) with my iMac El Capitan (21.5", mid-2011, OS X 10.11.6), I get a "successful connection" message from both devices. But the connection drops out after only 4-5 seconds. Both devices indicate right away that they are no longer...
  6. MattsR

    Lost note in Notability - HELP!

    Hi everyone, I am in a panic. I just lost a very important note in Notability. I had it open om my iMac (v2.3.0), and I also have it on my iPad and iPhone. Somehow the backup of notes has been turned of (it has been on as I see *.note files in my Google Drive) so I do not have it backed up...