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Found a free Beatweek magazine to try on iPad or PC


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Mar 21, 2010
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Marietta, GA - USA
Open iTunes and do a search for 'Beatweek' magazine. It will appear with a subscription option which currently is FREE.

If you subscribe it will appear in your iTunes Podcast directory but the files are in PDF format which I found interesting.

Any way open your first issue which I think is number 69 and it is rather neat. Among other things it has reviews of some iPad apps with great artwork like any slick paper magazine.

Here are a few of the Apple articles alacarte.

More for iPhone+iPad+iPod

iPhone 4.0 as major gaming platform New announcements suggest in-house gaming network for Apple
review: iTiki for iPhone Soft silicone rubber iPhone case is carved into a monster

review: Ultrasone HFI-2400 Do these $329 high end headphones live up their lofty price tag?

Beatweek Magazine #69: Adam Lambert interview and iPhone 4.0 Adam Lambert discusses his return to American Idol and more

iPad app review: We Rule With a dash of creativity, you can build an entire kingdom.

review: Speck PixelShield for iPad A sleeve that also acts as a carrying case for your iPad.

Official Twitter iPad app coming – will it end up being the only one? Will the Tweetie acquisition kill iPad Twitter app development in its infancy?

iPad vs. iPhone: the new frenemies The two products will now have to fight for Apple’s, developers’ attention

iPhone app review: The Price is Right Drew Carey invades your iPhone in this updated version of the game

Beatweek Magazine #68: Chris Jericho and hands on with the new iPad In depth with the new iPad, plus Chris Jericho talks WWE and Fozzy

iPhone app review: Hottie Hookups Politically incorrect time management game is delightfully cartoonish

iPad hands-on review Beatweek puts the iPad through its paces and finds out what it’s made of

review: Altec Expressionist Ultra Booming $200 computer speaker system tries to rock the (entire) house

iPad app review: GodFinger Play God with the tip of your finger and build your own planet from scratch

Top iPad apps Excited about your new iPad? Here are this week’s top picks for iPad apps!

iPad Unboxing Beatweek video of iPad unboxing, first impressions, and live gameplay

app review: Articles New app brings Wikipedia to life on your iPhone and iPod touch

app review: Scribe Notes Always having your notes with you on your iPhone is a fantastic feeling…

app review: Dr. Seuss books Pair of children’s books for iPhone are surprisingly faithful to the originals

app review: Babo Crash New iPhone game puts a new spin on the standard match-3 concept

First Look: Booq’s iPad Boa Skin XS Hands-on first look of an iPad sleeve that balances both fashion and protection.

review: Trexta Snap-on Back Cover One of the most unique looking (and feeling) iPhone shields on the market

review: Nuo Kailo Chic Closed-face carrying pouch for iPhone and iPod touch with wrist strap

review: Griffin Threadless Plastic iPhone shields implementing designs from a popular T-shirt maker

How long until this iPad is a joke? The 2001 iPod with its rotary dial was once considered revolutionary, too.

review: Griffin Chilewich Two piece hardshell iPhone case features fabric woven outer surface

app review: A Humble’s Numble A number twister that picks up where other games left off…

review: InnoPocket Carbon Fiber iPhone shield made of unique-looking material doesn’t come cheap

Top Free iPhone Apps Fun and FREE iPhone / iPod Touch apps for the week of 3/20/2010.

app review: Strategery If you enjoy playing the board game Risk, you will probably enjoy the…

app review: Puzzlings Unique spin on the “match-3″ game motif takes you to the land of Wardrobia

app review: Dropbox Cloud-based file transfer service for iPhone and iPod touch users

review: Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Tour How do these unique looking and colorful earbuds stack up audio-wise?

app review: Battle of Puppets Emerges as one of the promising new offerings that foray into a popular genre

review: iSkin Solo and Solo FX Can this single layer iPhone case match the flair of the company’s dual layer line?

app review: The Mighty Decider For the mightiest Mighty Boosh fans and anyone who ever has trouble making…

review: Griffin Outfit Shade What does it take for an iPhone case to stand out for the right reasons?

app review: Plants vs Zombies Does the long anticipated tower defense game for iPhone live up to the hype?

review: v-moda Remix Remote Includes three button control for use with the latest iPhones and iPods



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Mar 21, 2010
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Marietta, GA - USA
More magazines in PDF format found

OK I have found more magazines in PDF format,

There is one called MAKE that when subscribed to sends you a video podcast. But if you look carefully at the podcast list for MAKE every other file with the same name is a PDF version of the magazine article.

I found these by entering the search term magazine PDF in the iTuens search window. Next I am going to try just PDF and see what that gives.
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