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Fast-paced tower defense game: Crashsite Defense


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Jan 26, 2012
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Hi guys!

Our names are Robin, Bleicke and Andy. We have built a small Indie games company, where we have just released our very first game for iPad and iPhone, Crashsite Defense.
And now we'd like to try to get you excited about our game :)

Crashsite Defense is a novel mix between tower defense (without the mazing!), strategy and RPG. It features a wide range of highly upgradeable towers and visually stunning special attacks, embedded into a not-too-serious scifi-storyline about our paranoid captain, his sexy yet helpless aide and our arch-enemies, cute robots which actually only want to help.

And the best: The first part of the game is available for free in the iOS App Store!
So we'd be glad if you gave it a try - and we hope we didn't annoy you with all the advertising :)

Also, as we are new to the mobile app sector, any feedback and suggestions for improvement would be appreciated!

the guys from GbC Studios



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