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Nov 29, 2011
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hellevoetsluis, the Netherlands
Just wondering.
I do use my iPad 1 to visit FB, which goes flawless.

Got a question though
Under setting / Storage i notice that the size of the Documents & Data file is steadily rising (now 803MB)
And, being a bit of a FB noob, I have no clue what is causing this constant rise in size
And more importantly: what can I do to stop this increase or, even better, to reduce the size of this "documents & Data"file

Anyone any thoughts
Easiest way to deal with it is to delete the app and reinstall it. That will free up the cached data that it is hogging.

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Thanks Kevin,

will do.
Allthough it seems strange to me that the FB App or iOS 5.1 hasn't got the functionality to flush cached data.
Or is that a hidden easter egg I didn't come across yet?
If you come across it let me know. It's not just FaceBook. Other programs hog storage too, particularly the news apps. Seems they think we want instant access to the headlines from a month ago.

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Thanks Kevin,

it's getting even more mysterious (to me that is)
Followed your advvice yesterday evening .
After I deleted the FB app I did a cold restart before the re-install of the FB app
And guess what: the size of my Documents & Data file was reduced to 15MB.
So I was happy as a lark.
Only now, let's say 14 hrs later, the size of that file has been increased again.
It now stands at 19.9 MB
And my iPad & FB on my iPad activity during that timeslot was minimal.

So what's going on here?
Some kind of datacollection for the benefit of Zuckerberg cs, Apple cs or ........?
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Just checked FB on my iPhone. It's sitting at 52.6MB. Hopefully, one day we'll get one of those neat apps that jailbreakers get that will allow us to flush cached data.

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thanks for the heads-up Kevin.
stil use a N900 from Nokia ;-)
Decided to ditch the facebook app from my iPad.
Will access FB through Safari for the time being.
At least there I can clear "History" - "Cookies" - "Data" myself
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