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Facebook Hit Crossword Buddies Comes to iOS


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Following on from the massive success of Word With Friends on iOS, another Facebook smash hit game has made the jump to iOS, with the release of Crossword Buddies to the App Store. Playdemic’s social puzzle game is a multiplayer word game that serves as a twist on traditional crossword puzzles, where you get to solve word clues, unscramble words, and use power-ups to outwit your friends. After downloading the free game from the App Store you can either choose to start playing against your Facebook friends or random opponents. The object of the game, just as with a traditional crossword puzzle, is to decipher the clues and guess the correct word, with the difference here being that you only have 60 seconds to guess the word. Each guess that you get right will earn you credits that you can then use towards paying for different power-ups to help improve your playing experience so that you can beat your opponents. In-app purchases can also be used in the same way. The game is also fully integrated with the Facebook version, so you can switch between devices seamlessly when you have a game on the go. Thousands of grids are featured so hopefully you’ll never get bored.

Paul Gouge, Playdemic’s CEO, said: “At Playdemic we are focused on making games social. With Crossword Buddies we’ve taken one of the world’s most successful puzzles and made it multiplayer, competitive and I believe a great deal more fun!â€

Click here to download the free game: App Store - Crossword Buddies

Source: Playdemic
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