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Facebook group

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May 1, 2010
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Is there a ipad facebook group? I'm not sure how it would work, but I'm a member of the 370z facebook group. Its pretty cool to see a face and something about the people we talk to all the time. And of course it optional, to be a member so if you want to remain anonymous you just don't join.
It would be fun to see everybody!
You are invited to join the only iPad recording group where ANY audio recording topics are honored. This group is the definitive online help hobby semi-pro and pro forum for everything about musicians, audio recording, computer based recording and stand alone studio consoles such as 01X, AW4416, FireWire and USB audio interfaces. Tell your friends about this group by searching Facebook for "Yamaha" or "recording" or "ipad" or "daw"

I will check out 370.

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